Agostino Marinoni started StudioArch/ in 2009 after being a founding partner in another group practice (PulsarStudioAssociated) with strong roots in the local culture in which he was immersed but with attention for international movements. In this situation he understand the unexpressed potentiality of the collective imaginary and its possible solutions for the contemporary architectural problems.
He participates actively, from 2008 to 2011, in the work 'of PAVIA ARCHITECTS COUNCIL within the Commission which organizes events for dissemination and understanding of architecture in the local imaginary. In 2009 he wrote the manifesto of the architectural  itinerant exposition "10 Things You Don't know about her(your home)" and in 2010 he attended the IDCF of shenzhen like special guest. In 2011 his proposed  for the competition  "Heracles Project", launched by Domus for collect proposals that make up a hypothesis of connection between Europe and Africa on Strait of Gibraltar has been selected and esposed at the Gallery Gopher Hole in London. In 2013 a work of Agostino Marinoni, "Pride" was exposed at the Florence Design Week and in the same year he was shortlisted for the new Co-Cathedral and the Interparochial Center of San Benedetto in Lamezia Terme (Italy). In 2015 was call from CEI for an invited competition for a new curch in Monreale (Pa) Italy and choosen by NaturalmenteCasa, a jelovica group firm, for an home concept for its catalog. Now he is focused on residential development, to give to people more with less.
We believe in tradition as source of innovations. Local Tradition as imput that connect our projects with the place, with people, with landscape. This process will find tested solutions bringing our ideas in the collective imaginary without copy & paste the traditional elements, or tipology, as such. In every place, country and culture, we are looking for the essence behind the shape and the collective sensation generated by it.
The activity developed is oriented to analyzing, develop and pander the natural complexity of the interactions between every thematical level inside each project and people memory derivatives from local tradition analysis, adapted to the situation and current issues.
The goal is a  "Glocal" architecture  like result of interaction between all problems (technical/program/location/etc) and the poetic aspect (symbolic, expressive, cultural, human).
A new architecture, not replicable, not boring, not predictable, that people can love, recognize and assume as own.
Structure/ Marco Peroni Engineering
EnergySaving/ Living Engineering
Landascape/ AG&P Srl
Acoustic/ Raffaele Pisani Acoustic
Lighting/ FormaLighting Ltd
InteriorDesign/ ArredamentiMarinoni Snc
OAPPC - Pavia Architects Association
ArredamentiMarinoni - MetropolitanForniture
With about 70 join request per year, StudioArch/ has a variable team that it updates depending on the project complexity and by its dimension. We are always looking for best open minded people. Usually for a medium dimension project 5 people work on research, models, tests, local traditions and alternative solutions. The team members are always coordinated by Agostino Marinoni and joined with specialized external advisors chosen by us or selected with the client. We also use the Time zones. We now live in a globalized world and while maintaining the creative part in Italy, we have an outsourcing team that covers 4 time zones spaced out by about 6 hours. This means that when needed, a day for us has 32 working hours. A year's work can be done in 3 months. Time is the only really limited resource for human beings. Cheating, in this case, is granted.